Welcome to CanadaTech

CanadaTech is a technology company that develops and deploys proprietary solutions targeting production performance and well integrity of oil and gas wells. These solutions are based on fiber optic technology suitable for deployment both locally in Canada and overseas.

An Integrated Solutions Provider

CanadaTech’s subsidiary company, WellSense Energy Ltd., can effectively execute various remedial well operations using coil tubing, E-line, and perforation. CanadaTech’s services target life-of-well diagnostics as well as production enhancement, all delivered with maximum operational and cost efficiency. Fibre optic technology provides real-time passive measurement that enables accurate diagnostics for well problems, whether it is a well integrity or a reservoir delivery issue.

Using a blend of expertise and technology, we create fit-for-purpose solutions for wells and reservoir challenges.

The CanadaTech team can conduct well reviews which distinguish wells for abandonment from wells for increasing production.

Advances in fibre optics technology enables CanadaTech to utilize cutting-edge fibre and optical interrogators for along-the-well imaging and precise diagnostics to well problems.

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