Field Studies

CanadaTech staff have extensive expertise in different aspects of the oil industry, with particular emphasis on reservoir and production engineering. Our consultants can provide their services at CanadaTech premises or at clients’ offices or field locations. Our consultancy services include:

Simulation Studies

CanadaTech maintains a high level of expertise in black oil and compositional simulation studies. Our team is proficient in using Petrel, Eclipse 100, Eclipse 300, VIP, Sensor and open flow platforms. Additionally, daily rate consultancy services are available.

Reservoir Management and Development Planning

CanadaTech has extensive experience in water and gas flood management, pressure transient analysis, and field development planning.

Well Performance and Production Analysis

Ranging from building OFM data bases to single or multiple wells performance analysis, our team offers technical expertise to operators. We utilize standard industry software including, but not limited to, MBAL, Prosper, GAP, and Kappa.

Well Reservoir Reviews, WRM

Well Reviews:


QA/QC and reinterpretation of logs (Open and Cased Hole).

Well tests and work over history.

Nodal analysis and analogies.

Service details

Well history and well bore diagram

Open hole logs correlated to nearby well's logs

Pervious cased hole logging and workover history

Well production profile vs. time including WOR and GOR, ect…

Bubble map showing well's cum production vs. nearby wells

Nodal analysis for entire wells including surface back pressure.

Recovery factor per wells associated pore volume

Well Inflow – Outflow management

Artificial lift performance

New Technology (Fiber optics)

Reservoir Reviews:


Geology reviews.

Petrophysics (core data & open-hole logging).

QA/QC of past Reservoir Modelling and updates using production history matching.

Service details

Reservoir Management strategy

Annual reservoir pressure decline with production and fluid ratios.

Geology & Static model revisions

Available dynamic model revisions

In place calculations comparisons

Core and petrophysical analysis

Reservoir driving mechanism(s)

Estimates of current reservoir recovery factor

Secondary recovery and surveillance.

Concept Reviews:


Review of the performance of wells showing similar production conditions.

Bubble maps and analogies.

Work over and abandonment campaign planning

Single and multi-well simulation – proof of concept.

Service details

Grouping wells which share same production play,

Oil / gas wells.

wells completed in same reservoir.

Wells within a specific reservoir fault block.

Wells shares same trajectory within reservoir.

Wells drilled to target specific pool of oil (attic oil, oil rim, ect…)

Clients can expect:

With the right set of tools powered by accurate and in-depth information, clients can now confidently make decisions about overall production strategies.

Identification of Operational opportunities (intervention program) including required estimates as well as potential gains.

Planning and execution of well abandonment campaigns.

Field forecast.

New drills.

Intervention program for production enhancement.