Fiber Optics

CanadaTech Technology

CanadaTech can custom design specialty fiber optic cables for use in oil and gas applications. These cables can be permanently installed as components of well completions. They can also be used in retrievable mode deployed as wireline cables and specialty Coil Tubing, E-coils.

The cables are connected to special interrogator units to deliver real-time data. Experienced wellsite operators can perform wellsite interpretation of the data to deliver real-time solutions. Experienced interpreters at CanadaTech’s office can do in-depth data analysis and interpretation as well as integrate the results into other larger datasets to deliver complete multidisciplinary studies.

Optical Fiber Facts

In a fibre optics cable, the fiber acts as a sensor capable of gathering 1000s of data points simultaneously. Well problems which create temperature or acoustic fluctuations are no problem for fibre optics to detect, transmit to surface, and analyze. Fibre optics is a passive measurement that does not interfere with complex downhole flow regimes.


Single well applications, Multiple well applications,Pre/ Post stimulations

Optical E-Line

By adding fibre optics along wireline core, we can increase the wireline’s capabilities to be a sensor and conduit simultaneously. The optical e-line has the following benefits: Continuous data acquisitions along the entire length of the well. Up to 6,000m of fiber/e-line can be deployed in wellbore.Real-time data-acquisition and analysis will speed up operations.

Fibre Optics Implementation

CanadaTech provides a wide range of services to enhance the outcome of well intervention jobs. We provide the fiber/E-line, interrogation boxes, field technicians, software, and field processed data. A comprehensive analysis is issued at job completion with an in-depth, tailored report.

Fracture Flow Profiling:

Identify in real-time which perforations contribute to production

Quantify flow through each perforation/port over entire well

Production Optimization:

Log fluid flow contributions along pay slotted liner, perforations, or bare foot completions.

Identify and characterize failed start-ups, slugging, flow restrictions, and gas lift valves.

Simplistic, real-time, flow no-flow data delivery.

Optimization of smart well and artificial lift completions.

Mitigating well integrity issues and Production Risk:

Visualization of casing leaks in real-time.

Onsite monitoring during leak remediation operations.

Surface Casing vent flow remediation works.

Gas Lift Optimization:

Distributed Temperature Sensing, DTS, can accurately monitor and detect gas lift valves operations through changes in geothermal gradient in the well.

Detect gas lift valve slugging due to improper sizing

Real-time optimization of well-flow characteristics

Real-time intervention based monitoring and CSS operations:

Liner failures.

Well integrity and SCVF.

Micro-seismic events and VSP.

Cap rock integrity monitoring.

Downhole Frac Monitoring:

CT Frac-intervention optimization.

Fracture Location and propagation.

Flow or Injection zonal contributions.

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