WellSense Energy List of Services

To provide a seamless service, CanadaTech utilizes its subsidiary, WellSense Energy Ltd, as its application arm in-field. WellSense Energy has a stellar record during its time of operation in the Western Canadian well intervention market. With a fleet that spans over several disciplines, the company enhances CanadaTech’s capabilities as a solutions provider. This grants clients a greater level of transparency and control into operations as they will be dealing with one provider for the duration of their work. CanadaTech aims to be a one-stop shop, aiding clients in developing an overall strategy for projects as well as being the operators at the wellsite delivering results.

The services provided by WellSense Energy in junction with CanadaTech are listed below.

Coil Tubing

WellSense Energy provides many years of experience and expertise to the oil and gas industry. Readily available 1-3/4 to 2-7/8-inch pipe which can perform milling, fracturing, clean outs, re-completes, e-coil, and anything else required.

Field Applications


Nitrogen / Fluid / Foam / Clean Outs


Drill Outs

Acid / Cement

Setting / Pulling WR and Packers


Blowout Prevention System

A 10K High Pressure pack off attached to the injector.

Medco computer system.

10k/5k BOP's with the appropriate Accumulator system built onto the Coil Tubing Units.


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Real-time Logging Capability

CBL (Cement Bond Logging) – Evaluate cement bonding

CHAT (Cased Hole Analysis Tool) – a measurement system that provides accurate data about reservoir rock parameters, identifies reservoir fluid types, and is used extensively to identify and describe well bore conditions

PFT (Pressure – Flow-Temperature) – measures reservoir parameters for improved production

CNL (Compensated Neutron Log) – porosity analysis, lithology identification, clay analysis, and gas detection

GR-CCL (Gamma Ray – Collar Locator) – depth correlation and basic lithology determination

Perforating and bridge plug setting services

Perforate multiple zones

Plug and perforate in single run

Setting tool services

Bridge plugs and WR plugs

Dual depth measuring system

Wireline and coil tubing depth systems

Production Logging

Combo casing scraper and magnet runs for wellbore confirmation and to remove debris prior to frack


Radial Bond Log



Through Tubing


Other services like: Gyro, Caliper Log and Pipe Recovery


From pipeline, battery and coil purges, to clean-outs, and everything in between, WellSense Energy services cover it all. Field Applications include:


CTU Cleanouts

Well Blowdowns

NGC Fracturing

CO-2 Vessel Pressurization

Foamed Acidizing

Foam Fracturing

Coil Purges

Battery Purges

Pressure Testing


WellSense has significant Perforation capability and experienced personnel. Downhole knowledge, customer satisfaction, and explosive safety are the baseline of every job. Services Include:

Plug Setting

High Shot Density

Tubing Conveyed Perforating

Through Tubing Punches

Slot Charge Guns

Uzi Guns and more