Patents and Innovation


US Patent 61/900-025

Pressure pulse pre-treatment for remedial cementation of well.

US Patent 2-832-626

Downhole pressure pulse and pressurized chemical treatment for SAGD start-up.

US Patent application

Surface activated barrier for Surface Casing vent flow.


June 14-17, 1992

“Determination of Relative Permeability Curves in Tight Sands Using Well Logs,” 33rd Annual Symposium of the Society of Professional Well Log analysts, SPWLA, June 14-17, 1992, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nov. 16-19, 1992

“In-situ Determination of Capillary pressure and Relative Permeability,” presented at the International Gas Research conference. Nov. 16-19, 1992, Orlando, Florida.

July 1994

“Capillary Pressure from Well Logs-Part I” Petroleum Engineer International, July 1994

October 3-6, 1999

SPE 56650 “Production Logging Problem Description, Experience from October Field, Gulf of Suez, Egypt” presented at the annual SPE conference, Houston, October 3-6, 1999.

August 2014

“Monitoring the effectiveness of Intelligent Completion Devices (ICD’s) used to control the development of the steam chamber in a heavy oil Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well” SPE Fiber optics workshop, San Diego- California, USA August 2014.