Well Abandonment

Decrease Liabilities by Workover and/or Abandonment

Not all inactive wells are liabilities. Find out which of your inactive wells may be candidates for workover and which are candidates for abandonment.

Workover and abandonment campaigns can be outcomes of Well and Reservoir Management studies or based on client direction. CanadaTech’s team of experts will review well history files, reservoir management plans as well as production histories and then make a well by well recommendation on workover, or abandonment.

CanadaTech experts are familiar with the Abandonment directives, such as:

Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 20 and associated documents

Government of Saskatchewan’s Directive PNG015

This knowledge allows CanadaTech to draw up efficient and compliant abandonment of wells dependent on depth, trajectory, produced fluids etc.

CanadaTech can take on complete Workover and Abandonment campaigns by working with its sister company WellSense Energy Ltd. to work on subsurface abandonment as well as use its industry wide contacts to undertake surface abandonment and site remediation for an end-to-end solution.